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Around The Mic by Brothers McClurg

by Brothers McClurg

$10.00 / Sold Out

Available on iTunes: goo.gl/Vj2ukr


Around The Mic is the highly anticipated and emphatically requested album of exactly what it eludes to: three guys around mic.

As seen during the opening act of their touring show, this record features Chris Hoisington, Anthony Hoisington and Jeremy Thompson standing in a circle and bearing their hearts in song. No frills. Just raw musical emotion.

And all this, captured in the most classic way we could envision: direct to 2" tape on a Studer Mk. 4. Then it was mixed analog and mastered for your digital listening enjoyment.

Track list:

We Lift You Up
On the Rock
In Heaven Our Savior There
I Feel a Hand
Take Heart
Heaven’s Bright Hall