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Joy & Sorrow Meet by Weston Skaggs

by Weston Skaggs


Produced by Chris Hoisington of Brothers McClurg, Joy & Sorrow Meet marries Weston Skaggs' vocation as a church worship leader and his penchant for personal storytelling. Raw lyrics set to music that doesn't mind showing off it's "humanness" draws the listener into a journey of the heart. Stylistically, the album combines classic gospel and folk, strung together with alt-country instrumentation, then set in an indie-sonic landscape.

Track Index:

1.) Let a Song Go Out From My Heart
2.) Lay it Down
3.) Glory to Your Name
4.) Blush
5.) Hammer & Nails
6.) Greater Than You Know
7.) Home Pt I
8.) The Reach
9.) Down in My Soul
10.) Out of the Wreckage
11.) Home Pt II
12.) Pocket Sized god
13.) Creation Will Sing Your Song